28 Jan 2013

And so we begin!

Welcome to my first ever post on my first ever blog! I am not entirely sure what I am going to write about that will keep you interested enough to come back and read more, but I will give it a go. Please bear with me.....
I have just set up a shop on Folksy selling my papercut designs. It is a great website, so if you don't fancy anything I have on sale at the moment, then have a browse!
Why papercutting? Well, I really enjoying making things. Any sort of thing really. The only problem is that I am not really very good at many of them. I love the process of deciding what to make, searching for the raw materials, finding out how to make the thing and starting it. Here is just a small selection of my misshapen jumpers, crooked crochet and slapdash sewing;

I also don't have much free time on my hands thanks to my two little children, who aren't yet old enough to realise that it is dangerous to wave a knitting needle around in the other one's face, so things rarely get finished. Such as the babygro I started knitting when I was expecting my son. I knew I wouldn't get it finished in time for his arrival, so started making it in 3-6 month size. It is still unfinished and said son is now 13 months old.
Anyway, at about the same time I started that babygro, I attended a papercutting workshop at The Make Lounge in Islington. After only a couple of hours I had produced something that I could happily put on my daughter's bedroom wall without the slight embarrassed feeling that accompanies most things I make her. I made a few birthday cards for my family, and another picture for my daughter (it was a gruffalo, and although I am rather proud of it, I had to take it down after she got scared of being in the same room as it in the dark...)
Skip forward a year or so and I picked up my craft knife again and made some Christmas cards. I had forgotten how quickly you can produce something really satisfying and got quite hooked again. So I decided that I would try selling my designs. I hope you like them! There isn't a huge amount in my shop at the moment but there are a few other designs up my sleeve that will appear soon.
So, til the next time.....

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  1. Well done, Suzanne. I'm totally impressed that not only have you managed to set up your shop, but you're also blogging. Hats of to you...but also, damn you for making me feel like a complete underachiever! And I have to say that you certainly don't give yourself enough credit. I love your papercutting but you do a sterling job when it comes to sewing and knitting too. Keep blogging - I'm enjoying it!