14 Apr 2013

Post-holiday blues

Well, Nice airport wasn't that scary after all that whinging from me last week! We survived the flights and had a lovely time. Even though we were that family that everyone waiting to board the plane prays they are not sitting next to - screaming baby, arguing parents and a small child shouting that they need a wee at the most inappropriate moments. Good job the flight was less than 2 hours.......
So, this is the view I had when I sat down with my sketchbook last week;
And this is the view I had this morning;
Lovely as our spare (junk) room is, it's no Cote d'Azur........
I didn't think it wise to take knife blades with me on an aeroplane, so I've had to save doing any cutting for my return. I managed to get my Ally Pally drawing up to scratch and cut it out this weekend. What do you think?
(This one is just my attempt at arty photography. I do like it though!)
I'm not sure quite sure how to finish this one off. There is a big expanse of grass infront of the building, so I don't know whether to cut out a bit of grass, or to trim the bottom right down. Or just keep it like this! The more I look at it, the more I like it as it is. Hmm.
I am planning on making my London pieces into prints to sell, but my printer is probably not quite up to the job of producing art prints. So, I need to find somewhere to get them made up before I can sell them. I hope you can cope with the wait ;-)



  1. Looks like you had a nice time on holiday - at least the sun is out today (well, here it is anyway!)

    1. We did indeed! I'm glad the sunshine followed us home. Sort of.....

  2. Ally Pally print is gorgeous, Suzanne! Now can you focus on creating some 'awesomestow' prints - the dog track? ;-)

    1. Already on the case! If you look very closely at the first photo with my cup of tea and sketch book, you may be able to see a dog track in the making........