23 Apr 2013

Wedding Fever.....

.......is here again!

I went along to the St Albans Wedding Fair on Sunday, along with the other members of the 'firm' (aka Heritage Classic Cars ). I didn't take any photos this time, other than one of my sketch book on the stall. I don't really want to post that one up here as I was working on my most recent wedding invite design and the customer in question hasn't seen the draft yet! As usual, there were so many pretty things on show! There was a particularly impressive balloon archway in the entrance hall - I didn't note down the company that made it, so will have to hunt them down and give them a mention!

Seeing as I didn't take any photos myself, I will have to share with you the work of another blogger Anna, at The Dusty Attic who recently shared her own wedding mood board. These images make me think of fairy lights, cider, hay bales and dancing outdoors. I may be well of the mark with that though.... Anyhow, I think it's going to be a beautiful wedding!

I also want to share a photo of the wedding dress that the bride whose invitations I am currently designing is having.
Isn't that gorgeous? In my head, that is the sort of wedding dress that I would have loved to have worn. In reality, I would have looked ridiculous as I do not have the right figure for it AT ALL. Short legs and big bust do not go well with dresses like this. The fact that I was around 20 weeks pregnant on my wedding day would also have meant this dress would have been a big no........
This is the dress I actually wore. I don't have any of my wedding photos saved onto my laptop so a photo of this very similar looking model (*cough cough*) will have to do.
I spent today's nap time cutting out the heart shaped invitation for my Welsh bride to be and am now watching the littlest Kordel get himself covered in mud in the garden. Thank goodness the sun has come out..... He usually spends Tuesdays and Thursdays looking forlornly at the front door waiting for his big sister to come home from nursery, but he's quite happy pottering around outside in the sun while I sit and watch. Apart from when he falls over in the muck with his mouth open, which has happened 3 times this week already. Oh well. You've got to eat a peck of dirt before you die, as my Granny would have said....


  1. Aw thank you so much! You are a lovely lady :)
    You are close - fairy lights and dancing outdoors - yes. Cider and hay bales - no. Think tatty fabric bunting hanging from the trees, tables strewn with pine cones and leaves, and flowers made from fabric, yarn and paper.

    1. Sounds lovely. Fingers crossed for beautiful weather for you too!!