19 Mar 2013

A Breath of Fresh Air

Apologies for the long gap between posts. Real life has taken over unfortunately, leaving little time for the internet, or anything creative, so I just thought I'd let my poor little blog know that it hasn't been totally forgotten and share some photos.

The grey sky has been reflecting my mood of late, so today I was rather relieved to see a bit of sunshine for the first time in days! I've been rather under the weather and my poor children have been cooped up indoors since before the weekend, so with the big one at nursery, I wrapped up the little one, shoved him in the buggy and took a lovely stroll.

I took a few photos on the way, as I rarely go for a walk just for the sake of it, and am usually late for something when I take the path I did today. This is one of my favourite views of St Albans. You can just about make out the Abbey sitting above the allotments.

The next few photos are probably going to be stored away in my head to give me some ideas for a future papercutting project. I don't know if my mind is now starting to think in silhouettes, but those shadows made me want to get my knife out!

Despite the lovely sunshine this afternoon, I have just heard that there might be more sleet and snow coming our way tomorrow. Boo hiss........

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