25 Mar 2013

The scalpel is back in action....

To prove that I haven't completely forgotten the reason why I started this blog, I thought I would show you some of my latest handiwork.
I recently had a commission from a very proud Aunty to celebrate the arrival of her little niece Jasmine. As it has now safely arrived with its new owner, I am allowed to show some photos!
As usual I started with some scribbles in my sketchbook. Unusually, I managed to escape the house on my own for a couple of hours and did most of the drawing while sipping cappuccino in a bookshop cafe. As it was a Saturday afternoon, it got rather busy so I ended up sharing a table with a lady who looked over my shoulder, made appreciative noises and asked me if I was an illustrator! I WISH I was that good at drawing. I also wish that I hadn't gone out without my business cards that day...... Oh well.


I realised as I was about to put the finished article in the post that I hadn't taken a single photo of my work in progress. Not one! I usually enjoy snapping away so I can look back on what I've done, so I guess I must have been so engrossed in my work that my camera didn't even cross my mind. So, I'm sorry for the rather hasty slightly out of focus shots....

Here is the finished article. I hope Jasmine's mummy and daddy like it enough for it to go in her bedroom :-)