15 Feb 2013

Attention Brides-to-be!

In the Hertfordshire area, I should probably add......

Just a quick post to say that there is a wedding fair at the Harpenden House Hotel this Sunday;


I will be there with Heritage Classic Cars who did a fantastic job of ferrying me to my wedding in 2009. If you look closely enough at the website, there's a picture of me hidden away somewhere....

I have just added my wedding invitations to my Folksy shop and I just wish I had taken up papercutting before I got married as the invitations I made for my own wedding were pretty rubbish to be frank. The amount of time and money I took trying to come up with something half decent would have been better spent getting somebody else to make them. Lots of sticking bits of paper and ribbon onto card and getting in a big old sticky mess. I avoid ribbon and frills and glue at all costs now. Not my forte......

This is what I would have sent out had I been making my own today;

Anyway, if you are in the area, come along! 


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    1. Congratulations!! I'm glad you like them. If you are interested, please do have a look at the folksy page with all the info on and drop me an email (suzannekordel@hotmail.co.uk) if you want to talk about designs etc. Happy wedding planning :-)