19 Feb 2013

I must try not to copy......

I am very much self taught when it comes to all things 'arty and crafty' bar the odd evening workshop here and there. So, I really am in awe of anybody with artistic training or who has made it 'big' in their artistic field. I went on the paper cutting workshop a couple of years ago out of pure curiosity and had no real idea of what it was about, the history or that it is an art form on its own. 

At the moment, I think I am still trying to define my own style, so I am casting my net wide and looking to others for inspiration, while trying not to copy them at the same time. I say copy, but that implies that I am actually of a standard where somebody might mistake my work for somebody else's. I should be so lucky. Or talented. Anyway, this may be shooting myself in the foot, as you will be able to see what a real paper cutter is capable of, but here is a selection of people who have made it big in paper cutting circles. 

I think pretty much everybody has heard of Rob Ryan these days (the image above is from his Etsy shop. I can't afford to buy it, but I love the sentiment). I don't mean that in a derogatory way, there is nothing wrong with being popular. I would LOVE to have my work in gift shops up and down the land. I was given a lovely book that he illustrated, called The Gift, really intricate, thoughful and sentimental work. 

However, I think my favourite paper cut artist is a lady called Nikki McClure I'm not sure if I am allowed to post images of her work on here as there's a big disclaimer on her homepage saying please don't use the images, but click on the link and have a look. Amazing stuff. I don't think I could reproduce anything like this even if I wanted to. It looks like it could have been drawn, rather than cut out. 

The prize for the most inventive use for a toilet roll goes to Yuken Teruya. If I can ever get to our empty toilet roll tubes before somebody has used it as a telescope or a didgeridoo, maybe I'll give something similar a go!

(You may also be able to tell, that as well as being a novice paper cutter, I am a novice art critic. I don't think the culture section of the Times is going to be beating a path to my door anytime soon.......)

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