6 Feb 2013

Pom Pom-tastic

Thanks to a nasty bout of croup involving a few nights of no sleep, my first trip in an ambulance, an afternoon in Watford General and a very grumpy and poorly baby, I have done precisely nothing paper related this week! I am quite frankly, too tired to be worried by this.

In fact, it is probably quite a good thing.

I have been thinking that I needed to focus on building up my 'stock' and had spent a few evenings furiously sketching out what are actually rather average ideas, in a bit of a pile it high, flog it cheap style. Sitting in the hospital waiting room yesterday (once we'd been told everything was fine, and were waiting to be sent home of course, I am not that focussed on my new venture!) I began to mull over a few ideas. I am quite excited about getting some of these down on paper. Once the croup passes.......

In the meantime, this is all my brain has been able to cope with;

Pom poms. Pure mindless distraction for the hands when the brain can't cope with thinking. I made a horrible scarf for my daughter (she seems to like it though) and I promised I'd make some pom poms to put on it. They couldn't make it look any less awful, so I've gone through my wool mountain and picked out some suitably lurid colours I will never use again. Try it, it's fun!

1 comment:

  1. Eeee pom poms are so much fun!! Hope you little baby is all better now :)