12 Feb 2013

Getting into the swing of things....

I've only been half heartedly working on the old paper cutting for the last few days and have sort of lost my train of thought. I only really work in the evenings and naptimes (the little ones', not mine. Sleep doesn't seem to like me very much at the moment.....) so it's quite hard to get a good rhythm going and actually finish things off.

There seem to be quite a few new bundles of joy springing up lately, most recently, my friend Nic, who had a little girl on Friday. Saturday seemed a good time to make a new baby card.
My brain wasn't quite engaged and I forgot to flip my drawing when I printed it onto the coloured paper AGAIN, so everything was back to front, including the text. D'oh. Every time.....

As I got into the swing of it, things improved.

I kept getting a 3 year old visitor coming in to "check that mummy was getting on o.k". I asked her at various stages what she thought the picture was. It took a couple of visits for her to say 'a lady with a baby on a chair'. Exactly right. If she can tell what it is, then I think most people can. Job done.
I am sure that Nic has better things to do at the moment than read what I've been up to. Which is good seeing as I haven't posted the card yet. Oops.
I'll be adding it to my shop when I replace the batteries in my camera and take some half decent photos......


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